Technical Services

Technical Services

Organisations use EmergeAdapt advisory services to better leverage existing technology assets, and when developing technology strategies for the future.

We have worked with a variety of organizations in different industries to help them select the best technology to meet their needs by talking through their challenges and providing expert advice. We can also work with organizations to implement new technology in a way that works for them.

We’re interested in all areas of technology, our current favorite is open source. We love working with open source technology because we believe that global, connected developer communities accelerate the development of innovative end-user experiences for staff, customers, service providers and business partners. Low operating costs in cloud data centers make open source attractive to organizations who have big ambitions but want to adopt a more pragmatic approach to technology spend.

We don’t just focus on open source, we can help your organization with a variety of technical projects such as migrating your systems to the cloud, creating a new website and providing advice on technical architecture and security issues.

We have expertise in common industry challenges and provide advice across business process transformation, new customer experiences and improving information transparency in business operations. We have a lot of experience with retail / e-commerce, legal, cyber security, service provider, financial services, asset management and telco.

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