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Custom solutions to manage and automate even the most complex workflows.

Your business processes are key assets of your organization. They directly influence quality of service, operating profitability and customer retention in competitive markets. Being in control of your own processes means you have direct control over operational strategy and can readily adapt to change.

With our low code approach, CaseBlocks gives you the tools to quickly configure templates to reflect both your structured and unstructured processes. So whether you simply want to automate repetitive tasks or manage unpredictable, ad-hoc activities, CaseBlocks adapts to suit the way you work.


Create powerful solutions to manage your processes in just 4 simple steps.

CaseBlocks makes it easy for your operational and technical staff to work together in creating automated solutions to manage your business processes. Once you have your solution, you can even improve your processes as you go and roll out changes to users in real time.  So how do you create a solutions in CaseBlocks?

  1. Create a template for your process
  2. Create some buckets for the different stages of your process
  3. Import your historic data
  4. Start processing your work in CaseBlocks!

So whether you have a relatively straightforward process or something a little more complex, CaseBlocks can help.

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Master Detail View

Building a multi-process solution, centred around an asset or customer, is a common requirement in front and back office operations. CaseBlocks allows you to create a central area, where all process work carried out on customers or assets are brought together for ease of access and efficient handling.

Document Templates

When sending out standard emails or documents to customers, create them as CaseBlocks templates and trigger them from inside the relevant case or automatically as a case passes through appropriate stages in its lifecycle.

Templates can be used to create documents such as invoices and service agreements, reducing the time you spend on manual, low-value work.

Custom JavaScript

Scripting allow you to encapsulate detailed business logic or integration services as you mature your CaseBlocks solution. Whether you want to make a risk calculation on e-commerce orders, link data in another SaaS platform such as Salesforce, or automate some overnight batch runs, custom scripts give you the power to drive higher level efficiencies inside your organisation.

Comms Room

Email sent to your organization’s public email addresses can be an important trigger for casework. The Comms Room links to your corporate email service through IMAP, and provides a central area where emails can be read and used to create a new live case, or be linked with current open cases.

Service Levels

Many organizations impose time-constraints on casework such as responding to a high-value customer enquiry within 4 hours, or completing a moderate support request within 8 hours. When cases are handled within your time constraints you don’t have to worry, but what happens when time constraints are compromised?

CaseBlocks allows you to define service levels on live cases at different stages on their journey through an end-to-end process. When a case breaches a time-based service level, or even when it is in jeopardy of breaching, CaseBlocks can trigger automated behaviour which helps you react and deal with the problem. Maybe you just want to move cases into an ‘expedited’ bucket for handling by a special team, or send out alerts to managers or customers. Either way, CaseBlocks offers an unlimited choice of actions to help you make sure you don’t fall foul of your commitments.

CaseBlocks API

Everything in CaseBlocks is driven through a public REST API. This means you can hook in existing websites or business applications in a standard way. Maybe you want to drop an e-commerce order into your fulfilment processes, or bring back delivery status to your customers.

The API extends the reach of process automation to other systems, helping you become more efficient when end-to-end processes span multiple systems.

CaseBlocks supports other integration techniques such as webhooks.


CaseBlocks gives you the power to create flexible solutions to fit your business.

Don’t be restricted by rigid software, CaseBlocks offers the flexibility and tools you need to create a variety of solutions, customized to fit the changing needs of your business.

It’s simple user interface lets people without technical skills create solutions, simply customise one of ours or create your own and adapt it over time as needs change or manage additional processes.

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