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A UK claims management outsourcer needed a platform to process and manage Consumer Claims where the process would evolve.

The solution needed to support processing of claims in bulk, whilst also giving visibility of the process to a mixed user community of company employees, third party service providers, and business partners. Critically, the system had to manage variability in information flows between the claims management business and over 80 different credit providers, many of them high street banks.

“CaseBlocks not only manages millions of cases, it develops robust business processes as we grow.”

Will Sorohan

Managing Director EIC


CaseBlocks was deployed as the case management platform to manage the end-to-end claims process. The claims manager was able to define an initial claim case template and regularly import source data in bulk into CaseBlocks from applications such as Excel.

The case template maps out the data, permissions, processes and states needed to process a claim from acquiring initial consent to act, through to settlement or dispute.

CaseBlocks also allowed the claims manager to change the template as the process evolved by adding new states, data capture requirements and automation tasks. By configuring and sharing works queues, the claims manager was able to allocate work across all of the different teams involved in the end-to-end process.

An in-house web application, integrated to the CaseBlocks API, was used to cleanse and update individual claims with new data required before the claim could be launched. CaseBlocks import/export provided data integration to an on-premise dialler used to capture claimant interactions, and to a printing bureau which sent out bulk mailers to claimants and defendants.


CaseBlocks template configuration has allowed the claims manager to rapidly change process logic resulting in an estimated 400 changes over the course of 12 months as their process evolved. This new claim logic is reverse engineered into existing claims in real-time to ensure consistency.

The CaseBlocks entitlement model continues to allow the claims manager to control what each user can see within a specific claim, based on real world roles within the end-to-end claims management process.

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