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Cyber adAPT required a solution to manage their customer on-boarding, lifecycle, on-going sales and customer support processes.

Cyber adAPT is a US based provider of malicious threat detection technology and required a solution to manage the complex process of on-boarding new customers onto their platform. After a market survey in 2015, Cyber adAPT selected CaseBlocks, a cloud-based business process automation platform, to provide a custom solution that would manage and control post-sale installation and customer support for their malicious threat solutions. CaseBlocks has been configured to provide a solution which helps Cyber adAPT manage the full customer lifecycle from deployment through on-boarding and support. It was selected for its low code approach, allowing custom process automation solutions to be created and updated rapidly in the cloud by Cyber adAPT users.

“CaseBlocks reflects the unique nature of our business and can adapt easily to new requirements.”

Jason Lundy

Senior Vice President Strategic Operations Cyber adAPT


CaseBlocks integrates with PipeDrive in the cloud and automatically transfers customer data from Pipedrive into CaseBlocks once a deal has been made. Through configurable process templates, Cyber adAPT’s activity is guided through a new customer installation and governed through service levels. Mobile access is provided for staff to provide approvals at various stages of the on-boarding process. Checklists within CaseBlocks templates ensure that no steps are missed during installation, and automation makes sure that common tasks are automated out of operational activity.

After an installation of Cyber adAPT’s security software, the Cyber adAPT team use CaseBlocks to drive and report on customer support issues, with access to systems guides, document templates and other supporting documentation for the Cyber adAPT products and services.


The solution will provide full tracking of all installation and support activities, and through service levels, make sure Cyber adAPT responds to sales and support activity in a consistent and measurable way.

By direct integration with other Cyber adAPT systems, end-users will have quick access to data on the customer, their products, and all individual customer activity.

During adoption, Cyber adAPT will take on more of the customisation activities to help keep the on-going cost of change low and the speed of change high.

EmergeAdapt and Cyber adAPT have formed a strong partnership through the early stages of engagement, which will allow Cyber adAPT to directly influence the CaseBlocks roadmap of new features in the future.

About Cyber adAPT

Cyber adAPT® is an extensible detection platform that identifies attacks in various stages through the use of protocol and application analysis. The system correlates its findings with baseline analysis and threat intelligence to achieve a holistic approach that quickly and accurately surfaces the adversary.

The platform allows for enterprises and governments to change the manner in which they assess and strengthen their network against growing threats, resulting in a successful defence of digital property and reputation.

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