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How can I use CaseBlocks in my business?

You can use CaseBlocks to manage and automate any of your business processes which involve data, documents, collaboration, people and workflow. For example:

  • eCommerce sales order processing in the back office, integrated up to your order-capture websites and Warehouse Management Systems
  • claim processing where you need to capture information, manage documents, respond to emails, distribute work to teams and report on states
  • customer service, by creating templates for front and back-office processes, tying into the CaseBlocks Single Customer View
  • support ticketing managed with SLAs
  • complaints management, capturing complaints from corporate sites, branch and contact centre and following through to completion internally
  • public sector scenarios including incident management, citizen care or complex process management
  • business-to-business and business-to-consumers sales process management
Are there different cloud options for running CaseBlocks?


Access CaseBlocks on EmergeAdapt’s cloud, powered by Dimension Data. Private database, shared cloud data-centre infra-structure
How you pay: per-user per-day, or per-case

Private Managed

Dedicated CaseBlock installation on a dedicated data-centre infrastructure, with EmergeAdapt providing cloud management services
How you pay: regular management fee + per-user per-day, or per-case fee


We provide the complete CaseBlocks install in a Docker container and you install in your own environment, with or without cloud orchestration
How you pay: once-off licence fee + monthly fee for update service

What does CaseBlocks cost?

EmergeAdapt deploys CaseBlocks to help support business outcomes for its clients. We will work with you on pricing as part of a value proposition and business case for your project.

Does CaseBlocks support email?

Yes. The CaseBlocks Comms Room supports multiple inbound email queues attached to published email addresses such as [email protected] or [email protected] From inside CaseBlocks, emails can be responded to directly, forwarded to an appropriate recipient, or the email tagged to an appropriate case for handling.

CaseBlocks also supports email conversations with a customer or business partner inside a case, all tracked against that business entity’s timeline.

Documents attached to emails are stored in the CaseBlocks cloud, and can be viewed, downloaded, or attached to future email messages.

Can I use CaseBlocks to store electronic documents in the cloud?

​Yes. Electronic documents can be uploaded and stored against cases, customers or other business entities that you configure.

Based on your expected document requirements we will incorporate a storage element in your CaseBlocks service contract.

Can I use CaseBlocks for Customer Service?

​Yes. CaseBlocks allows you to configure your own templates for consumers along with case templates for all your unique service processes. You can then use the Single Customer View as a central point for running all your customer processes. This Single Customer View example reflects a telecomm scenario:

Single Customer View
Single Customer View

By configuring templates to represent your business customers, business-to-business service scenarios are also supported.

Does EmergeAdapt help clients implement CaseBlocks?

EmergeAdapt offers consulting services for the implementation of CaseBlocks including template configuration, data migration and systems integration. EmergeAdapt will also train internal teams and business partners on implementing CaseBlocks.

Does EmergeAdapt provide training courses?

EmergeAdapt offers training on using CaseBlocks for both System Configurator and Case Worker. We’ll host training events, or will deliver training these at your location.

We also deliver training courses on cloud management techniques, cloud portability and web application development for massively scalable applications.

EmergeAdapt can also construct a training plan based on your need, please contact us for an estimate.

How are updates to CaseBlocks managed?

EmergeAdapt maintains a continuous release process for CaseBlocks. When significant change is being introduced, EmergeAdapt will consult with you to minimise any impact on your business operations.

Any issues you as a client raise with CaseBlocks are handled by an update service within your CaseBlocks service contract.

What’s EmergeAdapt’s view on data sovereignty?

EmergeAdapt recognises that your data is critical to your business and will work with you to ensure data managed by CaseBlocks is physically located in territories acceptable to you. Our Standard option means your CaseBlocks data will be located inside Dimension Data’s global data-centre network. If none of these data centres is appropriate for your needs, we will work with you to identify an appropriate 3rd party data centre provider or on-premise solution.

Are there any specific systems requirements for CaseBlocks?

CaseBlocks is a browser-based application with no special installation requirements.

How do I get my data out of CaseBlocks?

End-users with the appropriate levels of entitlement can export data from a work queue, also known as a “bucket”. This means that specific cases, customer lists or business entities can be manipulated outside of CaseBlocks for other purposes, such as marketing or detailed analysis.

How do I get data into CaseBlocks?

Using the CaseBlocks API

CaseBlocks provides a RESTful API which allows external systems to create, search for, and update case work

Import Tools

Case and customer data in CSV form can be imported into CaseBlocks after you have created a case or person template which reflects the data structure being imported. This mechanism can also be used to update existing cases if there is a match on reference data

Web Hooks

When configuring a CaseBlocks template, there are options for call outs to web services for the consumption or delivery of data to your existing business systems

Is there a limit to the number of users I can add to CaseBlocks?

​There is no practical limits to the number of users you can add to CaseBlocks. This means you can deal with peaks or troughs in your business cycle. Your CaseBlocks service contract will govern the costs of adding users to the platform.

What is EmergeAdapt and what is CaseBlocks?

CaseBlocks is the name of an Adaptive Case Management platform which is owned and developed by EmergeAdapt, a UK-based software company.

Where are the CaseBlocks public cloud servers located?

CaseBlocks runs on Dimension Data’s global data-centre network.

Is CaseBlocks internet traffic secure?

​All traffic from your browser to servers inside our cloud is encrypted over a 256-bit SSL connection.

What is Adaptive Case Management?

​Case Management is a software systems discipline concerned with the management of activities which can often be unpredictable in nature.
Adaptive Case Management, is an approach to systems which focuses less on up front requirements analysis, but provides end-users with tools to change system behaviour at, or near to, the point of need.

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