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EmergeAdapt is a software development company established in the UK in late 2011.

We love helping organizations around the world become more efficient and profitable through business process management software however, this technology is often inaccessible to lots of organizations. BPM software is often too expensive and difficult to implement for a lot of businesses and so we were inspired to create CaseBlocks.

CaseBlocks shifts the power closer to end users so that they have more control over business processes, are able to adapt to change and helps keep development costs low. It has the same capabilities of enterprise grade software but with an affordable price tag, allowing organizations of all sizes to take full advantage of business process technology.

CaseBlocks is based in the cloud with roots in Adaptive Case Management (ACM), this makes it easy to change and scale with you as your business grows and needs change. We believe this approach gives the people who know your processes best the tools to control and innovate them.

As well as providing Case Management solutions in the UK and overseas, our team love working with other organizations which share our appreciation of the power of software. With a broad range of skills, ranging from the pre-cloud world of Siebel and Kana, to Docker, Ruby, Go and IaaS native APIs, we’ve built high-performance e-commerce websites, gaming applications on native devices and helped IT departments solve difficult problems.


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